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With pine and deodar forests and tea gardens encircling the town and numerous streams pouring in, Palampur is known for the enchanting combination of water and greenery. Nestled between the majestic Dhauladhar Ranges, Palampur is known the world over for its tea plantations and its fine quality of tea. Palampur was first noticed by the Englishmen and was soon turned into a bustling town as the centre of trade and commerce. Their presence in this town is beautifully reflected in the Victorian style mansions and castles. The remnants of its glorious past can be seen in the beautiful amalgamation of the beautiful English style buildings and the picturesque landscapes. Palampur being one of the unexplored destinations offer a quaint and serene environment to tourists. Among the tourist attractions here, Tashi Jong Monastery and the tea gardens should be on the must-visit list for anyone.

Place to must visit in Palampur

Places to Visit in Palampur

Travellers are preffering these places in Palampur

Experience Time: 1 to 2 hours

Distance: 0 kms

Tashi Jong Monastery

The Tashi Jong Monastery is not just a centre for worship for Buddhists but is also the homely abode of various Tibetan refugees. The complex has a college for freshers and a Tibetan restaurant besides the main shrine. This place has been inhabited by Tibetan for many years now, and has a quaint serenity about it. Tibetan artifacts are also sold in the crafts emporium and these are ideal for tourists to buy as souvenirs. Almost everyone who travels to Palampur, visits this monastery.

Experience Time: 2-3 hrs

Distance: 1 kms

Tea gardens

Palampur is rightly known as the Tea Capital of Northern India and is famous all across the country for its vast spreads of lush tea gardens, which are the chief attraction of the town. The tea gardens of Palampur are the perfect place to witness the vast tea gardens and the tea making process in great detail. Stepping into these lush green gardens makes you feel as if you have stepped into a dream world altogether, and the divine fragrance transforms you into heaven. This experience is heightened for tea lovers, for whom this place is like paradise on earth. It was in the 19th century that the concept of tea gardens was introduced in this area, and since then the place has become quite famous for its speciality teas, especially for its Kangra Tea. This particular variety of tea is so renowned, and of such high quality, that 90% of it is exported out of the country. One can also visit the Palampur Co-operative Tea Factory Limited, which is located downhill from Palampur and is the place to be at if you want to see the complete process of plucking, picking and processing of tea, as well as the commercial production of tea. Traveller and visitors love to take photographs of the tea gardens and the women picking tea leaves, and it is equally interesting to interact with the workers at the tea state. A visit to the tea gardens of Palampur is thus a must while in Himachal Pradesh, to experience a fun and informative day with your loved ones.

Experience Time: 1-2 hours

Distance: 2 kms

Saurabh Van Vihar

The Saurabh Van Vihar is a nature park that has been built in dedication of the brave and valiant soldier Saurabh Kalia, who was a martyr in the Kargil War. This beautiful and scenic tourist attraction is located on the banks of the snow-fed Neugel Khad in the village of Kwat and is spread over a total area of 13 kilometres. Saurabh Van Vihar is located just 4 kilometres away from Palampur and is an ideal place to visit for a quiet getaway over the weekend. The nature park offers a panoramic view of the Dhauladhar Range and is home to a wide variety of plants, trees and birds, which add to the beauty of the park and attract nature lovers from all across. The park today stands as a proud symbol of honour for all the fearless soldiers, who willingly lay their lives in wars to protect their country and motherland. What was initially established with the simple objective of spreading awareness about the degradation of the environment is today one of the most popular tourist attractions in Palampur, and is loved by people of all age groups. Children and adults equally enjoy boating, birdwatching and bouldering at the Saurabh Van Vihar, and the place is a must visit while in Palampur to enjoy in the lap of nature, and to feel closer to it.

Experience Time:

Distance: 2 kms

Neugal Khad

A picnic spot located 2 km away from town, this is a beautiful place where one can enjoy and marvel at nature's beauty. There is a Neugal cafe here too which is maintained by the government.

Experience Time:

Distance: 9 kms

Pottery, Andretta

Andretta Pottery is a beautiful concept which was started by Mansimran Singh in 1983. The idea was to teach clay pottery-making and designing to interested candidates for a fee, with an opportunity to undertake this course while living in the Dhauladhar Himalayas in the Kangra District. This one is definitely for the bucket list!

Experience Time: 1-2hrs

Distance: 12 Kms

Baijnath Temple

Baijnath Temple is one of the most popular temples in Himachal Pradesh, and here, Lord Shiva is worshipped as the 'God of Healing'. Baijnath or Vaidyanath is an avatar of the great Lord Shiva, and in this avatar, the great lord rids his devotees of all miseries and pain. As a result, this temple holds ultimate significance to all Lord Shiva devotees and is considered to be extremely sacred. In fact, the water of this temple is believed to be of medicinal value and has the potential to cure several illnesses and diseases. This draws thousands of devotees from all around the world every year. Baijnath temple was built in 1204 A.D by two native merchants, Ahuka and Manyuka, who were doting devotees of Lord Shiva. Situated at a distance of only 16 kms from Palampur, this time-honoured temple is a place where one can attain sterling peace and untainted tranquillity in the gentle caress of god. It is one of the very few temples in India where both, Lord Shiva and Demon King Ravan are worshipped. According to the ancient scriptures of Hindu tradition, Lord Shiva established 12 jyotirlingas, which were pillars that emanated pure light and unencumbered power, across the country as a challenge to Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma; and one of these 12 jyotirlingas rests inside the famous Baijnath Temple. The ancient but magnificent temple is set in the backdrop of the Dhauladhar Himalayan Range. Imagine, an ancient rustic temple standing gloriously in front of vampire white mountains! The view of the peaks in the Himalayan Range covered in ghost grey mist as they pierce the sky is a feeling of both, marvel and satisfaction.

Experience Time:

Distance: 0 kms

City Shopping

In Palampur, one can shop for Tibetan handicrafts, Thangka paintings, carpets, woolens as well as some Kangra tea.

Experience Time: 2-3 hours

Distance: 23 kms

Naam Art Gallery

One can spend some relaxed and enjoyable time here, looking around at a number of works as well spiritual art works. Those interested in collecting art can buy some prints available here at a price of INR 400.

Experience Time: 2-3 hours

Distance: 24 kms

Norbulingka Institute

The Norbulingka Institute is a centre for practicing and fostering Tibetan art and crafts. The structure itself is a fine specimen of Tibetan style of architecture and design. The Losel Doll Museum here, tends to be one of the favorites here, which has beautiful dolls depicting the Tibetan cultures and livelihoods.

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