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Places to Visit in Kaza

Travellers are preffering these places in Kaza

Experience Time: 3 Hour


Shopping in Kaza

Kaza, although a small town, is famous or its pure wool shawls, carpets and woolen clothes. Ceramic items and local jewellery is also on the top list of buyers. Lets check out some major shopping outlets of the town.

Experience Time: 2 Hour

Distance: 4 kms

Komic Village

Komic Village, situated at a height of 4275m is a location where fossils are found. Villagers might tempt you to buy the fossils, however do not get trapped since buying and transporting fossils is not legal. The village also owns a small monastery where women are not allowed during prayers.

Experience Time: 3 Hour

Distance: 9 kms

Key Monastery

No matter what, do not drop this place from your itinerary, even if you are not on a spiritual tour. Almost 7 km from Kaza, this Monastery, established in 11th century is the largest in Spiti valley. An architectural grandeur, you will be welcomed with a complimentary tea and witness the ancient Buddhist scrolls and paintings. Also known as Key Gompa, make sure you do not click photographs in praying room which is strictly prohibited.

Experience Time: 6 Hour

Distance: 51 kms

Chandratal Lake

Situated 7km from Kunzum Pass at an altitude of 4300m, Chandra Tal Lake is not to be missed. With spellbinding panoramic views, and crystal clear blue water, this lake never fails to charm its large number of visitors in form of adventure buffs and photographers.

Experience Time: 4 Hour

Distance: 20 kms

Dhankar Monasteries

About 40 km from Kaza, this group of monasteries is easily accessible from the town via cab or Himachal Pradesh Road Transport bus (leaves at 7:00AM). The bus drops at intersection between Dhankar and Shichling villages from where begins a trek of 10 Kms to monastery. At Dhankar Village you will find two gompas: one the most sought after 1000 years old and the new one recently inaugurated by Dalai Lama. If you have enough time, do visit these monasteries where the lamas are generous enough to show you around.

Experience Time: 3 Hour

Distance: 31 kms

Dhankar Lake

A further trek of one hour from Dhankar Monastery will take you to Dhankar Lake with pristine white water. This location will take you to another level of entrance with its splendiferous surroundings.

Experience Time: 3 Hour

Distance: 45 kms

Kunzum Pass

An entryway to Spiti Valley from Lahaul, Kunzum Pass is situated at an altitude of 4551m. A temple on the top of the pass dedicated to Goddess Kunjum (Durga) is said to guard the pass and ward off the evil. You can also view the Bara-Sigri Glacier, the second largest Glacier in the world on the way.

Experience Time: 2 Hour

Distance: 13 kms

Kibber Village

The highest village in town or as it is claimed to be, Kibber is situated 18 km from Kaza. Easily accessible by a smooth road, you will be amazed to known that the village has its own polling station during elections. The houses in the area are constructed in Tibetan architectural style with an amazing backdrop of barren mountains.

Experience Time: 3 Hour

Distance: 31 kms

Pin Valley National Park

A paradise for wildlife lovers, Pin Valley is a natural habitat for large number of endangered animals such as Snow Leopard, Woolly Hare, Siberian Ibex and Tibetan Gazelle. Covering an area of almost 9700 sq km, this valley was converted in to National park in 1987. One can also witness the reflection of Tibetan culture in the area around the park in form of monasteries, Buddhist lamas and shrines and traditions of the local residents.

Experience Time: 2 Hour


Sakya Tangyud Monastery

One of the most sought after attraction in Kaza, this monastery is situated at the height of 4587 m above the sea level. It serves as an amazing place to learn about Buddhism while surrounded by the captivating views of nature. Tangyud Gompa is located at a distance of 4 kms from the town of Kaza, near the Komic Village

Experience Time: 3 Hour

Distance: 33 kms


Located at a distance of 48 km from Kaza, this ancient village houses one of the most prominent monastery considered only next to the Tholing Gompa in Tibet in ranking. Also known as the Ajanta of the Himalayas, it is flanked by hills on either side is a place not to be missed.

Experience Time:

Distance: 118 kms

Co-operative society run shops in Keylong

Located at many places in Keylong, these co-operative run society shops offers almost everything you may need like clothes and utensils etc. However, the items that are unique to the town and are popular among tourists are ceramic items, stone gems and local jewellery. The Keylong Market offers plethora of choices including woolen shawls, mufflers, stoles, baby shawls, ponchos, and caps among other items either made from Angoora or Pashmina yarn. Don't forget to bargain for the best prices.

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