About Kanpur

The name of the city is believed to have derived from Karnapur (meaning "town of Karna", one of the heroes of the Mahabharata). Another theory is that it came from the nearby town of Makanpur, earlier known as Khairabad, where the Sufi saint of the Madariya Sufi order, Badiuddin Zinda Shah Madar, settled

Place to must visit in Kanpur

Places to Visit in Kanpur

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Experience Time: 2 Hour

Distance: 5 kms

Shri Radhakrishna Temple

This temple J. K. Was famous due the name of temple. Very beautifully built this temple is. K. Was built by Trust. Built this ancient and modern style, this temple is the center of attraction for the foreign and foreign tourist coming to Kanpur. This temple is basically dedicated to Sri RadhaKrishna. Apart from this, this temple is also dedicated to Shri Laxminarayan, Shri Ardhanariwar, Narmeshwar and Shri Hanuman

Experience Time: 4 Hour


Allen Forest Zoo

The Zoological Park in Kanpur, (Cawnpore), (known as the Manchester of Asia in the British colonial period) was the brainchild of a botanist Sir Allen, a member of the British Indian Civil Service. Sir Allen wanted to open the zoo in a natural forest, but his plans were stuck in bureaucratic red-tape and did not materialize. When the zoo at last opened in 1971 by the government of independent India, it was named after him. Allen forest was developed during the British rule between the years 1913-1918 by George Burney Allen, a famous British industrialist of Kanpur on the banks of the river Ganges. The zoo was constructed from 1971-1973. The first animal to arrive at the zoo was an otter caught by a fisherman from the Chambal River. In 1975, the first appointed doctor of the zoo was Dr. Ashwani Kumar Tripathi, who graduated from the G. B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences. Dr. Tripathi contributed to efforts in introducing modern technology to keep the animals healthy. The enclosures for animals and birds were designed on the latest trends in the field of zoo building technology, well spread along the lake on either side of a semicircular arterial road of about 9 km. length. The current director of the zoo is Mr Mukesh Kumar (1987 Batch,IFS )

Experience Time: 3Hour


Z Square Mall

The mall is spread on an area of five acres in the middle of the Kanpur city with 900,000 sqft. of built-up area and presence of more than 150 National & International brands.[1] The mall is ranked as 7th largest mall in India by hellotravel, a reputed travel agency.[2] It is ranked 6th largest in India by traveljee.[3]The mall is owned by reputed ZAZ Tanners Group which have its leather industries in Jajmau, Kanpur and Unnao

Experience Time: 3 Hour


Kanpur Memorial Church

The Kanpur Memorial Church, originally called the All Souls' Cathedral is a church in Kanpur, India. It was built in 1875 in honour of the British who lost their lives during the Siege of Cawnpore

Experience Time: 2 Hour

Distance: 2 kms

Nana Rao Smarak Park

a public city park in Kanpur city, the industrial hub of Uttar Pradesh in North India build after Indian Independence in honor of Nana Sahib. Prior to Indian Independence the location was known as Memorial Well and commemorated the massacre of British women and children during the Indian Rebellion of 1857.

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