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Places to Visit in Fatehpur

Travellers are preffering these places in Fatehpur

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Distance: 1 kms

Nadine cultural centre

This haveli used to be a property of the Deora family until 1999 when it was bought by a French artist called Nadine le Prince who modified and renovated the entire haveli and opened a cultural centre. For people with an interest in art, this place is a treat. With beautiful fresco craft predominantly in the shade of blue, Nadine holds art exhibitions showcasing brilliant pieces of contemporary and modern art.

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Distance: 2 kms

Dholi Sati Dadi Mandir

One of the most prominent temple in India dedicated to Sati, this temple sees pilgrims coming from all over the country.

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Distance: 622 kms


With most temples established in ancient times, they are mostly visited as a part of a religious pilgrimage by pilgrims. You can pay a visit to the Dwarkadheesh temple and Balaji Dham.

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Distance: 621 kms


The posh and luxurious lifestyle of the royal Nawabs of Rajasthan is evident from the magnificent Havelis housed in the city. A small town in the district of Sikar of Shekhawati region, Fatehpur has served as the house of many royal families. It is also known as the cultural capital of Shekhawati. The Jagannath Singhania Haveli is widely known for the artistic paintings and mesmerising sculptures built during the British reign. It has a Baithak which is a five-door room, built primarily for formal proceedings. Rangeen Kamra, also known as the colourful room has walls showing hand-made paintings depicting the life of Krishna and Radha. It also serves as a secret chamber. Buran is the underground safety room which acted as a safety valve during the lives of the royalties. The mansion holds a beautiful pool and a huge garden with beautiful and colourful plantations, just like the culture of Shekhawati. The Saraf Haveli is one of the oldest Havelis of the country. Built around 200 years ago, it has been the centre of attraction for all tourists. The walls of the haveli are crafted with spectacular mural oil paintings. The neatly carved wooden doors boast of the cultural and artistic beauty of the place. Another mansion worth having a visit is the Sitaram Kedia Ki Haveli. Constructed by Seth Shree Bohitram Kedia, the haveli has huge gardens and fountains to attract visitors. It also houses modern baths and a huge library. Every book lover would find themselves mesmerised by the collections of books in this majestic library. You can visit the mansion free of charge, roam around studying the awe-striking paintings and carvings.

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