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What if my taxi does not show up

It is extremely rare to have a situation where the vehicle does not show up at the scheduled time. Such an event is generally the result of unavoidable circumstances like inordinate amount of traffic, heavy rains, traffic blockades or vehicular breakdowns to name a few.

In such situations, we usually are notified by the driver and taxi operator at their first opportunity. We in turn do our part in keeping the customer aware of the situation as soon as we find out.

If you choose to cancel the trip - due to a delay on our part, we will waive off last minute cancellation fees. We earnestly work to avoid any such delays and work to ensure a 100% on-time performance. If you do have such an experience, we will work to make it up to you and earn your business for the future.

As always, your feedback is welcome. Write to our customer-advocacy team at customeradvocacy [AT] provisionsoft {DOT} in and we will act on your feedback so we continue to get better every time.