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Do you provide multiple pickups or drops for outstation rental

Do you provide multiple pickups or drops ? is all about comfort and reliability of services, so for sure, we can arrange multiple pickups or drops for your entire trip as per your plan.  You can discuss with our trip advisor to plan your entire trip in a manner that help to get reduced KM and time to journey while cover all your pickup and drop in point as well.

First 3 Pickup and drop in point are absolutely free of cost and in case of more than that, then in certain route you will need to paid 200 per pickup drop in point for your trip. However this is for some cities only, so you need to check if the congestion charge apply in your city or not for multiple pickup.

It is required that the entire itinerary be documented in your reservation. So please let us know of your planned itinerary so that its documented and that the driver has all the information ahead of your trip start time. The quoted price will change based on multiple factors including but not limited to the itinerary, waypoints, driving terrain, local union fees, local restrictions and estimated distances to be driven.

Our pricing policy give you estimate that is ahead of your trip and we are proud to inform that this is almost 90% time full accurate include the Entry Tax, Toll and any other expanses that will be added in your entire trip plan.