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I'm going from City A to city B for x days. During that time I will travel to neighboring cities from city B - is that all included in my quoted kms

You have taken the vehicle for the allocated amount of kms and you are free to use the vehicle for that allocated amount of kms on flat terrain.

Any trips you make outside of the cities listed in your itinerary shall be chargeable at a higher rate per km.

As a best practice, we require that all the cities that you plan to visit should be listed in your written trip itinerary provided to you by Cablo. This way you have complete clarity on the pricing for the trip and the driver and operator have received proper communication regarding your trip plan. This ensures that there is no confusion and the price quote you receive from Cablo takes your entire trip plan into account. By using this best practice you can avoid any surprises in terms of additional charges for kms driven or changes to itinerary.