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Places to Visit in Brahmapur

Travellers are preffering these places in Brahmapur

Experience Time: 1-2 hrs

Distance: 16 kms

Gopalpur Beach

At about a distance of 16 km from Berhampur, the small beach town of Gopalpur is on the Bay of Bengal. This town is known to have unspoiled beaches in the state. Like in the old days, the lighthouse still exists and blinks at night to guide the ships in middle of the deep sea with directions to safety. The coconut trees and casuarinas add charm to the beaches, which are separated from the blue waters by the sand dunes. Seafood and the tender coconut water can be enjoyed at the beach. The best time to visit Gopalpur is from September to March.

Experience Time:

Distance: 2 kms

Gandahati Waterfalls

Situated in the borders of Andhra Pradesh and Odisha, this is a mid sized waterfall. The nearest town is Paralakhemundi the district headquarters of Gajapati District of Odisha. This place is accessible by road throughout the year. This place is suitable for a day picnic, trekking and taking a safe bath in natural water stream. The surroundings is lush green and quite. This place can be combined in a trip to Paralakhemundi and Chandragiri Buddhist Monastery for a day trip

Experience Time:

Distance: 20 kms

Pati-Sonapur Beach

From Berhampur is 35 km from Gopalpur, the Pati- Sonarpur Beach is situated on the point of convergence of the Bay of Bengal and River Bahuda. This beach was once the chief shipping centre of the province of Ichhapur during the end of the 18th century. However, presently, ruined customhouses and columns are some of the attractions that remind the past. Pati-Sonapur Beach can be reached by National Highway 5 through Berhampur. One can also reach Pati- Sonapur Beach from Cuttack, Bhubaneswar and Rourkela. The closest railhead from this spot to Berhampur is around 20 km away. This route connects Bhubaneswar to the northern parts and Vizag in Andhra Pradesh to the southern parts of India. At Bhubaneswar is the closest airport from Berhampur at about 186 km, from where a railway or roadway journey has to be made towards Pati- Sonapur Beach.

Experience Time:

Distance: 30 kms

Aryapalli Beach

At a distance of 30 km from Berhampur is the Aryapalli Beach. Swimming, surfing and sun bathing are some of the activities that can be enjoyed at the beach. Plantations of casuarinas surround the beach. Sunrise and sunset can be enjoyed as well. The ideal time to visit this beach is between October and June. The beach can be accessed from Chatrapur Railway Station which is only 8 km away. Tourists can also reach Aryapalli by driving or be taking the bus service.

Experience Time:

Distance: 73.9

Taratarini Temple

Taratarini Temple is located in the Southern part of Orissa. It is a renowned religious place, which is presided over by Goddess Tara and Tarini - the twin sisters. It is perched atop a hill surrounded by the sacred Rushikulya River. Reaching the shrines of the temple is an interesting and exciting, as it requires climbing more than 999 steps from the base of the hill to its top. The temple is crowded on special occasions and auspicious days like the four Tuesdays of Chaitra month, according to Hindu calendar and Sankranthi. Tuesdays are associated with rites and rituals of Tara and Tarini and is crowded on these days too.

Experience Time:


Dhabaleswar Beach

Dhabaleswar Beach is a pristine beach located near the Gopalpur beach in Orissa, which opens into the Bay of Bengal. At the blue waters of Dhabaleswar Beach sailing, surfing and sun bathing can be enjoyed. Nearby places like Dhabaleswar Island and the pilgrim centre of the Shiva Temple, which has a sand-bleached appearance can be visited from Dhabaleswar Beach.

Experience Time:

Distance: 255.8 kms


On the shores of Rusikulya River in the district of Ganjam, a rock edict of Ashoka can be found at Jaugarh. This is the Kalinga edict that delivers code of ethics and timeless virtues to the people. In vicinity to this place is a sati pillar called Jogamanda and a fort. Another popular place to visit near Jaugarh is the Mallikesvara Shiva Temple that is located in the hill of a Padmapur village that is in Gunapur of Koraput. The temple has the architecture style of the Ganga with a rectangular flat roof called mukhasala and with inscriptions mentioned on the smokescreen of the door. The temple is famous for the images of the Devatas, Parsvas, dancing Shiva and the Ekapada Shiva. In 1784, William Jones found the Journal of Royal Asiatic Society in Calcutta, which preserves the researched and published inscriptions, copper plates, manuscripts dealing with Orissa history and culture, made of palm leaves.

Experience Time:

Distance: 31.1 kms

Biranchi Narayan

From Palasara Chowk, towards southwest direction is the Biranchi Narayan Temple located in Badadanda Sahi, which is a part of Buguda, a small town. This temple was constructed around 1790 AD during the period when Bhanja dynasty ruled the area. The temple has the shrine of the two-armed Sun God or Surya on his chariot in a standing position placed on a platform. Throughout the temple there are exquisite wall paintings and wood carving depicting stories from Krishna Lila, Ramayana, Bali Vadha, Sita-Vivaha, Rama–Ravana, Setubandha– Nirmana and Mayamirga-Vadha. Other than this, the temple also depicts the Lord Vishnu Kanchiabhijana’s 10 incarnations, which are stories associated with Jagannath and Puri’s King. The temple has been constructed out of materials like lime plaster and Khandolite stone, the building technique adopted by Ashlar masonry. Makara Sankranti, Magha Saptami, Sambadasami, Janmastami, Ramnavami and many other festivals are celebrated in the temple. This temple is a monument that is protected by the Orissa State Archaeology and Endowment Department of the government of Orissa. It has its headquarters at around 92 km away from the Biranchi Narayan Temple.

Experience Time:

Distance: 4 kms

Maa Mahuri Kalua

Maa Mahuri Kalua Temple is located in village Padar Balli Kalua Chhack that is in between Koraput, in the western Orissa and Berhampur, around 4 km from the State Highway. Due to this location, people generally visit this place on their way to either Berhampur or towards western part of Orissa. This temple is dedicated to Goddess Mahurikalua, who has a shapely countenance covered with tails of the peacocks and red lion. The Berhampur Railway Station on the South Eastern Railway is around 15 km from this place, which is the nearest railway station from this temple.

Experience Time:

Distance: 149.4 kms

Maa Bhairavi Temple

In the district of Gamjam, close to the city of Berhampur, the Maa Bhairavi Temple is located in the remote village of Mantridi. The diety has been carved in a crude fashion with one leg and four arms. This shrine was discovered while ploughing the land, where the idol was hidden underneath. After this discovery, the idol was enshrined into this newly constructed temple in 1937. As per the legends, sailors and fishermen took the blessing of Goddess Bhairavi before starting their journey. This temple is now considered one of the most important Shakti Pitha by the nearby villages. This temple considers Tuesday as its holy day and during Sankranthi. Many people from the northern part of Andhra Pradesh and southern part of Orissa visit to the temple on auspicious days.

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