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Places to Visit in Bharatpur

Travellers are preffering these places in Bharatpur

Experience Time: 2 Hour

Distance: 34 kms

Banke Bihari Temple

Shri Bankey Bihari Mandir is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Krishna, in the holy city of Vrindavan in the Mathura district It is situated near to the RADHAVALLABH JI Temple.This temple is among the 7 temples of Thakur of Vrindavan. Bankey Bihari ji was originally worshiped at Nidhivana. Bankey means _ã?bent in three places_ã? and bihari means _ã?supreme enjoyer._ã? The image of Lord Krishna stands in the Tribhanga posture. Haridas Swami originally worshipped this devotional image under the name of Kunj-bihari. The image of Bihariji installed in the Shri Banke Bihari Mandir, is the one granted to Swami Haridas by the celestial couple Shyama-Shyam themselves. Submitting to the desire of devotees The Lord appeared in person with his divine consort and left back a black charming image before disappearing. The sewa of the Bihariji is unique in its own way. It is performed in three parts every day ie Shringar, Rajbhog and Shayan. While shringar (which includes bath, dressing and adornment with jewellery like crown and necklaces) and Rajbhog(feast) is offered in the forenoon, Shayan Sewa (shayan means sleep) is offered in the evening.

Experience Time: 2 Hour

Distance: 1 kms

Lohagarh Fort

Located at Bharatpur in Rajasthan, the Lohagarh Fort indeed stands true to its name and has survived solidly and battled the attacks of military forces as well as the ravages of time for centuries. The fort was constructed by the Bharatpur Jat rulers. Maharaja Suraj Mal used all his power and wealth to a good cause and built numerous forts and palaces across his kingdom, one of them being the famous Lohagarh Fort. The monument is an architectural marvel that has especially captures the interests of architecture students and historians. The Lohagarh Fort is a one of its kind monument. 'Lohagad' means 'fort of iron', and the fort, as its name suggests, is virtually impenetrable. It is protected by deep moats on all sides, and it was widely believed in earlier times that the fort could fall "only when a crocodile swallowed up all the water in the moat." Originally built in the 1730's, most of the fort today is occupied by government offices and a museum. What strikes the tourist immediately about the architecture of the fort is the lack of pretence; it is simple as far as carvings, paintings and other frills go. There's almost no room for unnecessary ornamentation with its emphasis being on security and security only. Simply put, the fort is modest and functional. Inside the mighty fort are three palaces, Mahal Khas, Kamra Palace and the Palace of Badan Singh. Some impressive monuments in the fort also include Kishori Mahal, Mahal Khas and Kothi Khas. Between the museum and the main entrance, known as the Ashtadhatu Gate, is the Nehru Park. It is a pleasant place to sit and enjoy the breeze. The Lohargarh fort makes it quite glaring that the Jats did not believe in carelessness and negligence. Hence, while other weaker forts gave way quickly, the Lohargarh always stood firm to provide the town of Bharatpur the security it needed. If this is not reason enough to go and view the fort, then what is?

Experience Time: 2 Hour

Distance: 1 kms

City Shopping

Although Bharatpur is famous for its national park, there are various shops around the city to satiate the shopaholic in you. Popular items include intricately carved jewellery of precious and semi-precious stones, handicrafts, marble carvings, brass work, antiques and Jaipur textiles. The colourful Jaipur handlooms, especially bandhej materials for saree and suit are so attractive that you can't help but purchase a few sets. The kundans, precious and semi precious stones studded jewewllery represents the ageless Rajasthani art and culture. Apart from these apparels and fabrics, Bharatpur also offers antiques and intricately done marble and brass carvings which never fail to astonish with their beauty.

Experience Time: 3 Hour

Distance: 7 kms

Bharatpur National Park

Now known as the Keoladeo National Park, Bharatpur National Park is a famous bird watching paradise and is listed among UNESCO's World Heritage sites as well. The 29 km reserve is locally known as Ghana and is a mosaic of dry grasslands, woodlands, woodland swamps, and wetlands. These diverse habitats are home to 366 bird species, 379 floral species, 50 species of fish, 13 species of snakes, 5 species of lizards, 7 amphibian species,7 turtle species, and a variety of other invertebrates. Every year thousands of migratory waterfowl visit the park for winter breeding. The sanctuary is one of the richest bird areas in the world. It is known for nesting of its resident birds and visiting migratory birds including water birds. What is interesting note is that this place was once the hunting ground for the royalty and the British, but was converted into an asylum for birds and other wildlife as well in the year 1971. Activities such as Elephant Back Safari, Jeep Rides or Rickshaw Safari are available as well where you can spot a number of birds and a few animals that inhabit the jungle as well. Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary is easily a bird lover's paradise, and photographers will find this place to be delightful as well.

Experience Time:

Distance: 2 kms

Ganga Mandir

One of the most beautiful temples of Bharatpur, the Ganga Mandir is considered to be a great architectural piece and owing to its central location within the city many tourists are able to appreciate its beauty. It is dedicated to Goddess Ganga and is a beautiful blend of Rajputana, Mughal and South Indian architecture. The walls and pillars have intricate carvings and this temple is definitely worth a watch.

Experience Time: 2 Hour

Distance: 34 kms

Laxman Temple

There are two Laxman Temples in the heart of the city, one of them is almost 4 centuries old which is. The other, about 300 years old was made by the founder of Bharatpur, Maharaja Baldev Singh. It is beautifully made of sandstone and marble. Both these temples are easy to reach from anywhere in the city by cycle rickshaw or tonga.

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