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About Almora

Cradled in the wilderness of Himalayan ranges, the sprawling town of Almora shaped like a horse-shoe is a hill station that boasts of a pre-British heritage and an adyllic vibe. Famous for its rich cultural heritage, unique handicrafts, sumptuous cuisine and magnificent wildlife, coupled with an easy accessibility, Almora promises its tourists a visit full of fun and unforgettable moments. This agrarian town has two major rivers- Koshi (Kaushaki) and Suyal (Salmali) flowing through it. "The enchanting beauties of the Himalayas, their bracing climate and the soothing green that envelopes you leaves nothing more to be desired. I wonder whether the scenery of these hills and the climate are to be surpassed, if equaled, by any of the beauty spots of the world. After having been nearly three weeks in Almora Hills, I am more than ever amazed why our people need go in Europe in search of health. " - Mahatma Gandhi

Place to must visit in Almora

Places to Visit in Almora

Travellers are preffering these places in Almora

Experience Time:

Distance: 1 kms

Zero Point

In the premises of the wildlife sanctuary is the zero point from which one can look across 300 km to view Kedarnath, Shivling, Trishul and Nanda Devi. You have to walk inside the sanctuary for a kilometer and half to reach to the point. A guided trek upto Zero Point is the most recommended way to explore the green beauty of the Wildlife sanctuary. One can see the panoromic view of Himalayan peaks like Kedarnath Peak, Shivling, and Nanda Devi from Zero point.

Experience Time:

Distance: 9 kms


Jageshwar is believed to be the home of one among the twelve Jyothirlingas. Surabhi and Nandini rivers flow through this place that has 124 temples built in medieval architectural style, and heavily influenced by Buddhist style craftsmanship. Mrityunjaya is the oldest temple and Dindeshwara the biggest. Jageshwar temple complex built between 8th and 18th centuries consists of 108 temples.

Experience Time: 2-3 hrs

Distance: 5 kms

Kasar Devi Temple

Kasar Devi is a quaint Temple on a hilltop situated in a village near Almora, Uttarakhand. It derives its name from a local deity Kasar Devi, and the temple is erected in her reverence. Also known as Crank's Ridge, this place gained prominence after the "Hippie Movement" of the 1960s and 1970s. This place is known for the many luminaries that have visited. Personalities like Bob Dylan, Timothy Leary, Allen Ginsberg, Cat Stevens and Swami Vivekananda have meditated and absorbed in the calm and quiet of this beautiful location, hidden in the Kumaon Hills. It is also a popular pilgrimage destination around Almora ideal for people who are spiritual and love being one among nature. The hilly region is perfect to unwind and spend time meditating. Adventure driven people can come here for long hikes and treks on hills and surrounded by greenery. Kasar Devi Temple is located 5 km away from Almora and dates back to 2nd century AD. The temple overlooks Almora, and the Hawabagh Valley gives a panoramic view of the Himalayas from the Bandarpunch peak. People often trek up to the temple from Kalimath town for its cosy little alleys carved in the hills. Every year in winter, on the occasion of Kartik Poornima, a large fair is held at the Kasar Devi Temple. There are a few special reasons for the importance of this temple. The region around Kasar Devi has an enormous geomagnetic field. The reason behind this is, the temple comes under the Van Allen belt. The causes behind the formation of this belt have been researched by NASA for the past two years. Other famous locations which have been found to have similar levels of a magnetic field (Van Allen belt) are Machu Picchu in Peru and Stonehenge in England.

Experience Time:

Distance: 6 kms

Katarmal Sun Temple

Being the second most important Sun temple, this 800 year old temple has one main temple and 45 smaller shrines. The main deity of the Sun temple in Katarmal is called Burhadita or Vraddhaditya (the old Sun God). The idols of Shiva-Parvati and Lakshmi-Narayana are also found in this temple. Presently, much of the temple stands in beautiful ruins remniscent of the bygone era of glory.

Experience Time: 1-2 hrs

Distance: 5 kms

Kasar Devi

The amorous view of Himalayas, from Nanda Devi to 5 snow capped peaks of Panchachuli unwraps the Kasar Devi temple near Almora.The place is famous for a temple by the name of Kasar Devi. It has structures dating from 2nd century CE. In 1890's Swami Vivekananda visited the place and meditated here for days. This was the first time when people got to know more about the place. The nearby area is home to pine and deodar trees. it gives a panoramic view of the Himalayas along with the eye pleasing view of Hawabagh Valley. A large fair known as Kasar Devi fair is organised every year on Kartik Poornima according to the Hindu calendar. The temple is special as the area nearby has a large geomagnetic field. This is so as the temple comes under Van Allen Belt. The two other places discovered by NASA with the same magnetic field are Machu Picchu in Peru and Stone Henge in England. Also, it is predominant that the people who have meditated here at Kasar Devi Temple have shown higher degrees of rejuvenation and peace. A single road runs up high with 200 dotting houses on each side. The village derives its name from the namesake deity Kasar Devi.

Experience Time:

Distance: 4 kms

Chitai Temple

A famous temple of Lord Gollu, another name for Lord Shiva, the Chitai temple was built during the Chand regime. You will love the soft tinkle of the many bells caressed by the winds, hung by devotees as an act of offerings, wishing or thanksgiving can be heard far and wide. The temple is also called the temple of a million bells.

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Distance: 1 kms

City Shopping

Almora has a variety of markets that can be a shopper’s paradise. The most famous of them all is the Lala Bazar- a 200 year old market sermonized by the kings. Some of the best items here are jewellery, Angora cloth, shawls, ethnic wear, woollen clothes, etc. Chowk Bazar is famous for decorative items, brass items, copper items, metal utensils, Pashmina shawls, etc. Garud Woollen Shop is famous for the best woolen textile like sweaters, scarves, muffler, etc. Karkhana Bazar is famous for copperware and local craft work. Pasang Bag Shop is famous for designer labelled and traditional bags. Raghunath City Complex is premier shopping complex of Almora, housing recreational activities.

Experience Time:

Distance: 13 kms


An erstwhile summer capital of the Chand rulers, this hill resort looking to the Himalayas is famous for the Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary. From a place called Zero Point in Binsar one can see the Himalayan peaks like Kedarnath Peak, Shivling, and Nanda Devi. Binsar also has a museum about the flora and fauna of the region.

Experience Time:

Distance: 2 kms

Deer Park

Located 3 km from Almora, Deer Park is one of the best places for nature and wildlife lovers. In this park you can spot animals like deer, leopard and black bear among lush green pine trees. This is one of the most preferable places for leisure and walks.

Experience Time:

Distance: 3 kms

Bright End Corner

Situated 3 km away from Almora, Bright End Corner offers breathtaking views of sunset and sunrise. This serene viewpoint has a Vivekanand library situated very close to it. This place is dedicated to Swami Vivekanand, where he spent few days during his stay in the Himalayas.

Experience Time:

Distance: 104 kms


Nestled in the glorious Kumaon Himalayas, Dunagiri is a small hill town away from the popular tourist circuit of Uttarakhand providing travellers some solitary space. Situated some 400 km from Delhi in the heart of the Kumaon Himalayas, it is a peaceful haven of divine beauty and spirituality. A place blessed with natural beauty and a sense of divine detachment from the rest of the world, Dunagiri has been that alluring destination where one finds one_ã_s self. The village town has been etched in Indian mythological history from time to time. It is said that many famous Rishimunis made this place their abode of attaining divine knowledge and distributing it to the world. Today, Dunagiri is emerging as a new place of recreation and rejuvenation for tourists who have missed out on this beauty till now.

Experience Time:

Distance: 8 kms


A small and sleepy village away from the chaotic tourist centers, Jalna is a place for some trekking and exploration into the wild. It_ã_s a scenic village, a few kilometers from Almora, with a nice atmosphere for relaxation. Jalna is situated at an altitude of 1700 meters amidst the wild of the Himalayas. The sleepy hamlet is a wonderful place for trekking and exploring the natural forest cover of the area. It is just stone throw away from Almora and represents a great place to relax and rejuvenate oneself, away from the hectic city life. Jalna has a very charming aura to itself which attracts travellers seeking thrill, peace and nature.

Experience Time:

Distance: 30 kms

Dwarahat Village

Situated at an elevation of 1510m in the Kumaon mountains of Almora, Dwarahat is a charming hill village. Dwarahat offers a splendid view of the Himalayan mountains and is an excellent place for a peaceful Holiday. A small city in a Kumaon region, Dwarahat is famous 11th Century temple village with the famous Dunagiri temple. The river Chaukhutia flows through it and the villae is also well known for Apricots

Experience Time:

Distance: 31 kms

Lal Bazaar

Lal Bazaar is the heart of Almora with this colourful shops filled with bronze and brass wares, fine rabbit wool clothes and amazingly tasty sweets.

Experience Time:

Distance: 0 kms

Gobind Vallabh Pant Museum

Sheltering some of the legacies of the Katyuri and Chand dynasties, the museum on Mall Road also has beautiful collections of folk style painting known as Aspen and Kumaoni antiquities.

Experience Time: 2-3 days

Distance: 301 kms

Rafting in Kali Sarada

A perfect destination for first time rafters and family adventure, a ride on the Kali Sarada River through eastern Kumaon region is simply mind blowing. Get ready for an exhilarating rafting journey down a self-contained Kali Sarada River nestled amid the majestic Himalayas. Demarcating the India and Nepal border, the ride will take you past the wonderful stalactite and stalagmite formations, beautiful dense forest and quaint little villages opening up to nature’s treasure trove of eastern Kumaon region. With a serene beginning till the confluence of Rivers Kali and Saryu, the ride pumps up for occasional huge rapid making a descent to the plains on the final day. Pack your bags to enjoy this blood pumping activity amidst the calm environs of Uttarakhand.

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